Friday, September 28, 2007

Alternative Cancer Treatment - Dr. Lorraine Day

There may be some bogus, some not so bogus claims about cancer cures, but something everyone should definitely investigate for themselves is Dr. Lorraine Day's website at where you will find information on how she beat breast cancer many years ago (almost died), but she did it without using the common treatments of radiation, and chemotherapy.

Dr. Day's story, in a very small nutshell, is that she had developed breast cancer and refused to be treated using "conventional" methods, because she knew these methods actually tear down the immune system. What she did was reform everything in her life (food, lifestyle, rest habits, etc) to enhance her immune system, and coupled with her Christian faith, the baseball sized tumor on her chest eventually withered away, and she has been cancer free, to my knowledge, for many (like 20 or so) years.

You won't believe the flack she took from the medical community over the publication of her life experience. The hospital who initially treated her actually denied that she had ever walked through their doors, until of course Dr. Day, as a medical professional, demanded her own medical records be given to her, so she could prove her story.

You see, you might be attending college in the persuit of a medical career, but you should NOT assume that everything they are teaching you there is absolute truth, and there ARE other people in the world besides the "establishment" (teachers and professors don't get to be where they are by going against the established principals... at least not very often).

Again, I would implore everyone who reads this to go to Dr. Day's site for themselves, so see if what I have said here is true.

Just because cancer is what it is doesn't mean it can't be cured (not to say that it always CAN be, either). And you should not assume that current accepted treatments for cancer are the best a patient can get, either....

Where do you think the money comes from to build all of the "cancer centers" scattered across the countryside? Maybe one should consider that during a typical cancer patient's treatment, the hospitals and associated treatment facilities, equipment manufacturers, etc. are literally taking everything that person owns, everything their family owns, and everything they can squeeze from the health insurance carrier, and from the government (that's you and me) to pay for that person's treatment, which, in too many cases terminates with the death of the patient. The system, as it is currently set up, "lives" on the money generated by conventional cancer treatments; why should they change the way they currently treat cancer patients, when such treatments might put all those huge multi-billion dollar cancer centers into financial ruin? They ultimately have no incentive to allow any more effective treatments into the realm of discussion.

I rest my case.


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